Enviro Fan


NOTE: Every Envirofan is tested before it leaves the factory, and again by Northwest before it leaves our warehouse, resulting in an extremely low rate of returns. However, due to shipping and installation procedures, occasionally a fan will need a minor adjustment to run satisfactorily. If this should happen, we recommend that you identify the problem and try the simple suggestions listed below, before attempting return procedures.

Caution: Turn off power at main circuit breaker before checking!

  • Fan will not start
    • a) Check fuses and circuit breakers.
    • b) Check wire connections to fan.
    • c) Check wiring connections in lower canopy. (See fan installation instructions)
    • d) Check voltage at fan connection.
  • Fan too fast/slow
    • a) Adjust the trim set screw in fan control. (See control instructions)
    • b) Check voltage at fan connection.
  • Fan makes noise
    • a) Check motor case to make sure all visible screws are snug.
    • b) Check to make sure that all blade bracket screws are tight.
    • c) Check for labels or wire nuts that could be rubbing.
    • d) Tinging sound – make sure top or bottom bell is not pulled tight, and touching inside bracket on top or bottom of downrod.
    • e) All ceiling fans may have a slight motor noise known as the “Hertz Hum” when used with solid state, infinite speed controls, especially on lower speeds. This hum will not affect the fan performance. To eliminate this motor hum use a transformer control.
    • f) Allow a 24 hour break-in period which normally eliminates any residual noise other than a), b), c), d), or e), above.
  • Fan wobbles
    • a) Check that all blade brackets are screwed firmly to motor case.
    • b) Check distance from tip of blades to ceiling. If blades get bent during installation, you must balance them. Gently bend up or down until all distances are the same. Do not bend brackets.
    • c) Make sure upper canopy is 1/8” from ceiling.
    • d) Make sure that hanging hooks are secured tightly to ceiling.
    • e) Run fan without blades. If fan does not wobble without blades, the motor is not defective, but the blades may be bent.

One of the following suggestions will usually solve any of these problems that sometimes occur. If you continue to have trouble after trying these solutions, please contact your distributor or one of our technicians at 1-800-236-7080.