Enviro Fan

Why Agrifan?

Agrifan systems save energy dollars up to 30%.

Large intake-exhaust fans currently used in many agricultural buildings move air horizontally, doing little to prevent heat loss or to equalize room temperature and humidity because they do not circulate air.

Northwest’s 60” Agrifan ceiling fan continuously circulates the air and does it more efficiently than other agricultural ceiling fans. Agrifan’s design and extra heavy-duty motor enable it to move and mix air at up to 330 RPM, 43,500 CFM, virtually eliminating heat stratification.

The warm dry air (which naturally rises) is forced down to floor level in a continuing circular process.

When the ceiling heat is reclaimed and the overall temperature is equalized, the thermostat turns on less frequently, lowering fuel costs by as much as 30%.

Agrifan moves more air for less money than any other ceiling fan.

At maximum speed of 330 RPM, Agrifan uses less that one amp as it moves air at up to 43,500 CFM. Agrifan’s energy efficient motor runs on less energy than a 100 watt bulb.

When used with an existing ventilation or heating system, Agrifans increase the efficiency of that system up to 30%. In one year an Agrifan system can pay for itself in energy savings.

Agrifan is designed to retain its efficiency.

Agrifan has specially sealed and lubricated extreme heat bearings that resist drying out. These bearings help to insure that heat will not cause the fan to slow and lose efficiency with age, even when located near heaters or brooders.

Agrifan helps prevent heat stress and improves the environment.

In summer Agrifans create a wind chill that helps cool poultry and livestock. Vertical air flow blows down on, and between, animals to break up the heat halo.

Year round, the continuous air movement generated by Agrifans also speeds the drying of floors, bedding, walls, and ceilings. It helps prevent condensation and dissipates ammonia and gasses.

A consistent, comfortable environment means healthier animals, increased production, and lower operating costs.

Agrifan is built to last in tough agricultural applications.

Triple neoprene rubber seals make Agrifan dust-proof and spray proof. UL tested and approved. Corrosion-resistant epoxy prime and finish coat is electrostatically applied to housing and blades.

Agrifan has specially engineered and lubricated heat-resistant bearings. Other ball bearings, when exposed to heat, tend to dry with age, reducing a fan’s maximum RPM’s and efficiency.

Agrifans are all metal, no plastic. Corrosion-resistant aluminum blades put less load on the motor.