Enviro Fan


“We have just completed our 6th installation of Envirofans. We feel that not only have they saved us dollars on our utility bills, but even more important, they keep our customers comfortable. Since installing Envirofans in our bowling centers where the air conditioning system was working at capacity, we have been able to maintain an adequate comfort level on very hot days. Many of our customers say it’s the greatest improvement we have made.”
All America Bowling

“The 29 #160F industrial ceiling fans I purchased from you are doing a fantastic job. By tying them together with the ATC motor speed controllers, I feel I have the best package on the market today…I estimate that I will be able to make up the cost for this program in my first year of usage.”
MidAmerica Label Co.

“We have used your ceiling fans in our warehouse and our production area for the past year now, and I would like to say just how pleased we are. …In the winter, the heat our equipment generates is circulated by these fans so we do not have to use our heating system…In the summer, we also use the fans to keep the air moving and it makes the work area more comfortable.”
Hernke Cheese Co. Inc.

“I am writing to report that the Envirofan systems installed in our store have proven to be entirely satisfactory, contributing substantially to the comfort of customers and staff alike. Considerable savings have been reflected in our fuel bills since the system began operating.”
National Wines & Spirits

“Approximately one year ago we purchased your fans to move the stratified heat from the ceiling of our Midas shops. With the large number of drive-in doors and the frequency of openings we couldn’t keep the place warm. We can now…We know the savings are significant. Our employees don’t complain any more about the cold air infiltration at the floor level…What really surprised us was the summer cooling comfort the fans provided.”
Midas Muffler

“I want to thank you for all your help with our Envirofan system. We appreciate doing business with people who are as interested in their customers after purchase as before…The months of January and February saved us $500 over last year in electric bills. This year has more than paid for our fans and their installation.
Big Tree Wesleyan Church

“In June we installed one of your fan systems. The results have been excellent in relation to achieving a comfortable work environment and creating substantial savings over a previously air- conditioned area. Annual savings will be approximately $27,000.”
Siemens-Allis, Inc.

“We have installed six of the 160F ceiling fans. We found that it keeps our building about 10 to 15 degrees cooler, whereas conventional fans did not…We have also had tremendous success in high dust areas. The fans seem to keep dust on the floor rather than blowing around in the air.”
Mobile Millworks & Mfg.