Enviro Fan


We challenge you to compare any agricultural ceiling fan with AGRIFAN before you buy!

  1. Composition – Heavy-duty AGRIFAN is all metal — no plastic. For strength and balance without weight, blades are aluminum. Heavy steel blades on a fan add drag and wear on the motor. Steel blades can significantly shorten the life of a fan set on interval timers if the motor and capacitor are undersized for the heavy blades and for the extra power surge required for their start-up.
  2. Efficiency – AGRIFAN has a heavy-duty PSC motor with resistance protection and maximum RPMs up to 330. It also has a 9.5 MF extra-heavy-duty weatherproof capacitor with twice the start-up power of some other fans. Blades are aerodynamically pitched and curved for most effective vertical, turbulent air flow. This efficient design allows AGRIFAN’s maximum performance of a broad 2,400 sq. ft. coverage, moving air up to 43,500 cfm, and using only .71 amps.
  3. Sprayproof and Dustproof – AGRIFAN has passed the UL Laboratory’s four-hour Water Spray and Humidity Test. It is UL approved as sprayproof. AGRIFAN’s triple neoprene seals and neoprene downrod plug give positive seals against dust and other airborne particles, as well as moisture. Field experience shows that silicone gel is not an adequate moisture seal.
  4. Corrosion Resistant – AGRIFAN has corrosion resistant baked epoxy prime and finish coats on all metal housings and blades.
  5. Heat Resistant – AGRIFAN is the only ceiling fan with specially designed, sealed high heat bearings. Engineered of chrome steel with special high temp lubricant, they facilitate heat expansion and resist drying out even in high heat conditions, such as near brooders and furnaces. Any other fan bearings tend to dry out under these conditions and slow the fan’s maximum RPM’s, eventually affecting the fan’s ability to perform satisfactorily.
  6. Condensation Drain Plug – AGRIFAN has a one-way condensation relief plug for added protection against condensation moisture which forms from day and night temperature differences.
  7. Cord and Plug – AGRIFAN is prewired with a 16″ cord and molded, moisture-proof 3-prong plug. This makes it faster, easier and less expensive to install or relocate the fan. The downrod is moisture-sealed around the cord with a metal cap and tight neoprene plug that also provides built-in strain relief for the cord.
  8. Diameter – AGRIFAN has a full 60″ blade sweep for optimum efficiency in severe service conditions.
  9. Customer Service – Before or after the sale, customer service at NORTHWEST ENVIROFAN is fast and friendly. Real people answer the phones and shipping is usually same day and always within 24 hours. NORTHWEST specializes in ceiling fans and prides itself on customer satisfaction.
  10. Full 3-Year Warranty – AGRIFAN quality with a 3-year warranty makes AGRIFAN the smart ceiling fan choice!