Enviro Fan

Planning Your Ceiling Fan System

  1. Refer to the specification charts to determine Envirofan model and area coverage.
  2. Multiply building length times width to get square footage.
  3. To create an energy efficient “air curtain” at shipping doors, plan one fan 15 to 20 feet in front of each shipping door and allow only about half the recommended area coverage for these fans.
  4. Subtract square footage of shipping door fans from the total and divide the balance by the area coverage of the Envirofan model to determine the number of fans for your system.
  5. For best results hang fans over aisles and traffic lanes in storage or warehouse areas.
  6. Locate fans over heat generating equipment, such as furnaces, ovens, generators or welding stations. This keeps the equipment heat circulated back to floor level.
  7. Charts show figures for maximum speed. Your application may require lower speeds and/or less area coverage, depending on fan height, cooling or heating function and use of area below fans.
  8. Distance from the floor, fan diameter, and the speed at which a fan will run, all affect the effective area coverage. For best results call your Envirofan representative for help with your system plan.
  9. Example: Using Model 160F-7 (area coverage 2,100 sq. ft.)
  • The illustration above is 90′ wide by 390′ long, and has 4 shipping doors.
  • 90’x390′ = 35,100sq.ft.
  • 4 shipping doors. 35,100sq.ft. less 4,800sq.ft. for door area = 30,300 sq.ft.
  • 30,300 divided by 2,100 sq.ft. coverage per fan = 14.4 fans.
  • Hang 4 fans over shipping doors.
  • Using the grid system, hang 14 fans in the remainder of the area. One fan is positioned in the center of each square.