Enviro Fan

Equine Comfort

Because everyday conditions are so important to peak performance.

Horses and riders are more comfortable year-round with Agrifans. 

In warm weather Agrifans continually circulate air vertically, creating a gentle breeze and evaporative cooling in indoor riding arenas or stall areas.  Floors stay drier and insects are discouraged as Agrifans move air up to 43,500 CFM.

In cold weather Agrifans running at low speeds push rising heat (or body heat) down to floor level while reducing condensation and moisture. 

Moisture, dust and corrosion resistant Agrifans carry a 3-year full warranty and are economical to operate – max 1 amp draw.  Heavy-duty construction features a totally enclosed motor and sealed ball bearings.  Solid-state infinite speed controls and safety guards are also available.


Keeping your buildings dryer, summer and winter.

Continuous air movement speeds drying of floors, bedding, walls and ceilings. Seasonal condensation problems are reduced, making for a better environment, such as eliminating slippery floors by disbursement of moisture.  The resulting drying effect and generated air movement in stalls and walkways result in more contented and healthier animals.


Promotes a healthier, cooler livestock building.

Like human beings, animals suffer in hot stagnant air.  It provides a living hotbed for harmful bacteria, germs and insects.  The Agrifan circulates and disperses air creating a mild wind chill that cools the animals.  Under less demanding conditions, Agrifan can be regulated with solid state variable speed control to operate at 5,600 CFM.  This moving air also dispels odors, making the air fresher as well as cooler.  The result? A healthier, cooler environment for animals and people. Higher production for both.

Why an Agrifan system?

  • Helps dry moist areas
  • Equalizes temperatures throughout barn
  • Helps reduce condensation
  • Gentle breeze improves comfort in summer
  • Air movement discourages flies and insects
  • Circulates animal body heat in winter
  • Costs fraction of a cent per hour to operate
  • Easy to install