Enviro Fan


In summer Envirofans provide substantial savings in cooling costs by adding evaporative cooling, air circulation, and a uniformly comfortable temperature to the work environment.

When Envirofans are used with air conditioning, tests from ASHRAE have shown that a thermostat setting can be raised 8 degrees with no loss in employee comfort if ceiling fans are running. Gentle breezes created by Envirofans provide evaporative cooling that lowers skin temperature up to 7 degrees. This increased air velocity provides an effective temperature of 72 degrees when the thermostat is set at 80 degrees. Every degree you raise your thermostat in summer can save you 3% – 5% in air conditioning costs.

Air circulation from Envirofans also eliminates cold areas and dead air pockets. Cooled air is continuously re-used. Thermostats stay satisfied longer, reducing the air conditioning system’s load and operating expense. Envirofans running continuously also prevent a build-up of ceiling heat so that air conditioning thermostats will shut off sooner during the cooler times of day and night. Total energy savings of 50% can be achieved!

In all seasons Envirofan’s vertical air circulation speeds evaporation of moisture and helps prevent mold and mildew. It also helps prevent condensation that results from day and night temperature differences, especially if heat is stratified at the roof. This homogenized drier air flow results in uniform temperatures. It helps improve the shelf life of inventory and reduce the spoilage of perishables.

Powerful, all metal, heavy-duty Envirofans are designed to excel for both summer and winter operation. Four complete lines of high quality industrial and commercial ceiling fans can efficiently achieve the air patterns necessary for any application to have energy savings up to 30% in winter and 50% in summer.