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Wiring Fan Controls

 Wiring Diagrams for Envirofan Fan Speed Controls

Model#  100F  105F  105FR 150F  200F/215F  277V5/277V6

Fan speed controls must be wired In-Series with the hot lead.  NOT in parallel.  Wiring in parallel will burn out the control.

Installation instructions are provided with the fans and controls.  Most qualified electricians are familiar with the installation of fan speed controls, however the following explanation may be helpful.

The fan speed control is a voltage regulator.  In order to control the voltage you must wire the control in series with the hot lead.  The other wire from the motor is tied to the neutral lead.

The wiring of a fan speed control is similar to wiring a common on/off light switch.  The fan speed control is wired in series or in between the hot lead from the fan motor and the A/C voltage - basically opening and closing the voltage supply as well as regulating the A/C voltage to the fan motor.

A common error is for an installer to wire the control in parallel with the A/C voltage supply.  2 wires come from the control, they assume one is hot and one is neutral.  They connect the control wires in parallel with the wires in the box – hot to hot and neutral to neutral.  They restore power to the fan and damage is caused on the controls internal parts.  The fan may still turn on and/or operate, but the capability to properly regulate the voltage and speed of the fan is gone. 

The immediate reaction is that they have a faulty control.  Many times they will repeat the same wiring process with a replacement control, which leads them to determine the fan is faulty.  To avoid frustration and call backs be sure that the installer is aware that the fan control must be wired In-Series with the hot lead.



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