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Northwest Envirofan

A division of

Northwest Environmental Systems, Inc.

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Schools * Warehouses * Factories * Public Buildings

  • FUNCTION: Protecto-Guard fully encloses a ceiling fan, allowing it to operate smoothly and safely in most any situation. Flying objects, fork lifts, aerial equipment, or livestock are no longer a problem for fans protected by Protecto-Guard. And the safety of an enclosed fan protects humans and animals within reach, while still allowing the comfort and energy saving features of overhead circulating fans.

  • DESIGN: The patented looped wire design with only 1 1/2" spacing at the circumference provides the required safety for both fans and people, yet allows maximum air flow. This wire design combined with heavy duty 10 gauge wire and double welding provides superior strength. And the unique sunburst pattern with shiny zinc finish is attractive even in the most modern decor.

  • INSTALLATION: No need to take down the ceiling fan or try to install the fan with a cumbersome guard attached to it. Protecto-Guard is the only ceiling fan guard that installs easily on a hanging fan with only 12 nuts and bolts. A secondary support cable is included to insure safety.

  • CONSTRUCTION: Heavy-duty, non-sagging, 10 gauge steel wires are resistance/triple resistance welded and are non-rusting bright zinc plated. The wires are spaced 1/2" at center and approximately 1 1/2" at circumference for maximum air flow with optimum safety. Economy models feature the same high quality wire with 3" spacing at the circumference. All guards feature a secondary support cable.

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