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Northwest Envirofan

A division of

Northwest Environmental Systems, Inc.

Toll-Free: 800-236-7080
Phone: 920-235-7808
Fax: 920-235-3049

Save up to 30% of fuel costs


add efficiency to your poultry production



Propane costs can account for up to 40% of a grower's out of pocket expenses.  One key to saving fuel is to prevent temperature stratification. 

Agrifan can help.

It’s a very simple concept: HEAT RISES.  Because heat rises, it consistently goes to the ceiling where it builds up and dissipates through the roof while floor temperatures remain relatively cool. 

Agrifan will give you continuous vertical air circulation.  This constant vertical circulation will continually force heat down to floor level giving you an equal room temperature from floor to ceiling resulting in…

  • Lower fuel costs

  • Drier litter

  • Reduced condensation

  • Better cooling in the hot months

Read the Agrifan Poultry Planning Guide for recommendations on how to achieve maximum benefits from Agrifan ceiling fans.

See test results on ceiling fans. Click here for Poultry Research


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