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Research on Fans for Poultry Houses


Energy Saving Tips


Energy savings in turkey rearing can be made in nine key areas, explained Sanjay B. Shah of the University of North Carolina at the 2008 North Carolina Turkey Days. View the entire report and 9 Energy Saving Tips


Tip #5  Fans can be used in poultry houses

to break the thermal stratification and reduce energy loss.

Figure 6. An infrared view of a broiler house showing temperature stratification (Courtesy: M. Czarick, Univ. of Georgia)

Paddle and Re-circulating Fans 

The September issue of the Alabama Poultry rff - stir fanEngineering and Economics Newsletter (Issue #13) reports on benefits of using paddle or vane axial re-circulating fans in the poultry house. 

As the smoke-shot photo at left shows, heat rises, and even much of the heat produced by a brooder will rise, and will stay in the top of the house unless we do something to bring it back down. New models and new approaches to using in-house air-mixing fans can deliver significant savings on propane costs during brooding and in cold weather, while at the same time helping improve in-house conditions. The direct savings on fuel costs can amount to a 15% to 20% reduction in out-of-pocket costs even in well-managed and up-to-date houses. Indirect savings can come from improved flock performance resulting from getting warmer floor temperatures, more temperature uniformity in the house, better drying and less caking and condensation. 

This report, published by Auburn University, gives details on stirring or re-circulating fan operation and management, including cost factors. Paddle and Re-circulating Fans


Stir Fan Options for High and Low Ceiling Poultry Houses 

Growers wishing to get maximum wintertime fuel efficiency and at the same time improve the house environment are more and more installing ceiling stirring fans to recirculate air in the house. This accomplishes mixing of warm air near the ceiling with cooler air near the floor, which effectively recycles heat from the furnaces. Some growers use paddle-type (Casablanca) fans, and others use axial vane panel fans.


This report, published by Auburn University, describes the various ways growers are currently using ceiling fans in both high and low ceiling house types. Stir Fan Options for High and Low Ceiling Poultry Houses


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